“I’ve had ongoing back pain and it was impossible to move the trash cans to the curb. My driveway is long and steep. With United Handy Can I never have to worry about the trash and I’m providing work for people with special needs. I feel great about that.”

– Eileen
Simi Valley

“I’ve been using Handy Can for a little over four months now. I selected this service because I liked the opportunity it gives to persons with special needs… but what I’ve discovered beyond that great feeling, is that it gives me piece of mind knowing that I’m no longer advertising the fact that I’m not home (I leave early and get home late from work). I’ve also guaranteed that I will no longer be waking up in a panic @ 6:30 am to the sound of the garbage truck just up the street (realizing I forgot to take the cans out last night), scrambling in my pajamas to grab them on the side of the house and then trying beat the truck to the end of my driveway. I’m sure that’s funny for the collection driver, but not for me. This happens about a half dozen times a year. Not anymore! 🙂 In short; this service is awesome!”

– John
Northridge, CA

“I often come home late from work, the last thing i want to do is bring in
the cans. Now, I don’t have to worry about it. Thanks Handy Can!”

– Lee
West Valley, CA

“I’m a 75 year old women, my gardener stuffs my green can with so much grass
and weeds I cant move the can, shame on him. Thank goodness for your service.”

– Carmen,
San Fernando, CA

“I’m a new mom and its hard to leave my baby to go outside to deal with the trash.
Thanks united handy can.”

– Mary
West Valley, CA

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