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  • Employer Makes Bold Gamble On Inclusion

    COHASSET, Minn. — The morning sky was still dark when a bus carrying two dozen adults with disabilities pulled up before a small factory. Many of the passengers looked half asleep as they stumbled into the hazy drizzle clutching lunch sacks and mini-coolers. But that did not prevent John Week, a container of coffee steaming…

  • Down Syndrome Reality Show Winning Accolades And Fans

    Riding high on a wave of success, a reality show all about a group of adults with Down syndrome is set to return to television. The second season of A&E’s “Born This Way” premieres this week. The show follows seven young adults with the chromosomal disorder along with their families and friends as they tackle…

  • Falls Among Older Adults: An Overview

    How big is the problem? Each year, millions of adults aged 65 and older fall. Falls can cause moderate to severe injuries, such as hip fractures and head traumas, and can increase the risk of early death. One out of three older adults (those aged 65 or older) falls each year but less than half…

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